Still speaking of President Benson’s love of God, President Monson said, “I think we should not overlook the personal, spiritual side of Ezra Taft Benson. He has often said, ‘In this work, it is the spirit that counts.’ In Eastern Germany, when there was a wall and there was an absence of freedom, I have seen people of his generation come forward and ask that they be remembered to the man who saved their lives. Tears would flow from these elderly German saints as they would describe how the wheat came to their homes and to their lives, and spared them starvation. One little woman said, ‘I can remember President Benson standing as the wheat was being distributed and all of us ran our hands through that wonderful, precious life-preserving grain that he helped to develop and, more particularly, brought to our starving children.’”

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Thomas S. Monson, “Memorial To Great Life Well Lived”, LDS Church News, 17 April 1993