Standing For Truth Amidst Unprecedented Global False Propaganda

It is imperative to stand for truth amidst unprecedented global false propaganda.

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I’ve been involved in promoting truth and liberty from a gospel perspective for several years via my website and elsewhere. One of my most popular videos is titled “The War in Heaven: Continues on Earth Today”.

That war is a war between light and darkness, good and evil, truth and lies; domination by the state on one hand, personal liberty on the other. It’s a war to preserve agency. That war continues today and unfortunately the majority of people are blind to the truth.

In the end, what matters is that we are on the side of truth and liberty.

The False Left-Right Paradigm

It is important to understand and recognize the false left-right paradigm, which is not about liberty. Politically, both sides are trending towards socialism and totalitarianism, with few meaningful differences. Also, it’s a paradigm that is about keeping the people fighting and distracted from waking up to the truth. The media tends to highlight the extremes on both sides to keep us divided. It keeps people from seeing who the real enemy is.

For a more in-depth explanation, refer to this article: The False Left-Right Paradigm. The important thing is to stand for what is right regardless of whether that stance is popular with the world.

Have We Lost Our Agency?

Currently every government on the earth is either bound, controlled, or influenced by secret combinations that have put chains on freedom and liberty. They are working in secret to make the civilized world one grand machine of power, which can only be moved by the ironbound heart and hand of secret combinations. Man has lost his agency as a result and none are exempt from their influence.

Agency is limited if truth doesn’t have a place in society. Yet most are too ignorant and complacent to recognize what is missing. This is a result of the deliberate actions of those who are part of this secret combination, and their control and influence on education and information that society has been conditioned to accept. Only with the knowledge of the truth can you  expand and increase your agency. Only with the truth can you understand there are more options than what has been presented to you. Many don’t realize that the truth has been  obscured and the world is mostly offering false propaganda and partial truths.

The secret combinations are the abomination that maketh desolate. The power and works of secret combinations, which are incompatible with the spirit of freedom, and which are subversive of the regulations and power of all true governments, must inevitably bring destruction.

It is up to each of us individually to awake! And arise from the dust; shake off the deceptions and strong delusion of the world, to seek after truth and light, and to bring darkness to light.

Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty

2020: The Year of the Fake Pandemic

In 2020, due to an alleged global pandemic, we’ve seen increasing tyranny, corruption, and rights violations, from federal, state and local governments.

The “official” data is telling us this is no worse than a flu but we also know that much of that data is falsified or exaggerated.

The so-called pandemic is a hoax and governments, the mainstream media, medical industry, and even many religious organizations, are fully onboard with the propaganda. Fear of an unseen enemy is being promoted everywhere. This illustrates the restrictions of agency and truth that the world has experienced. Many are accepting of the story being sold to them by their government and the mainstream media because they are blind to the truth.

The lock-downs, and alleged surges, and so-called second waves, and continuous fear-mongering are resulting in many unnecessary deaths and destroying small businesses, meanwhile the giant corporations are benefiting from this situation.

Even if this were a real pandemic, or a real emergency situation, the Constitution shouldn’t take a backseat. The US Constitution does not grant such exceptions. This is also true of most state constitutions, many of which safe-guard the same rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

We must consider correct principles and the proper role of government. This current situation is not being handled appropriately. We can preserve the sanctity of life without destruction of freedom & rights. The solution is simple: stop the panic, end the lock downs, quit social distancing, and go back to how we’ve handled things for decades. We should educate ourselves better about how to naturally boost our immune systems, and individuals can choose to self-isolate if they are afraid.

Proper nutrition, an active lifestyle, and vitamins/supplements/herbs, to strengthen our immune system, is the best way to take precautions against disease. Yet we rarely hear any mention of these things from the so-called experts.

The longer this insanity continues the more proof we have that it’s a hoax. The testing is flawed and inaccurate, evidenced by an extremely high number of false positives. Some have tested fruits and animals, or simply nothing at all, and gotten positive results back. And in fact, the tests aren’t specifically testing for covid-19.

The people who are dying aren’t really dying of covid-19; it’s from pre-existing health issues or other completely unrelated causes of death. It seems almost everything is being labeled a covid death these days (even a motorcycle accident). The death of any individual is unfortunate, but now we’ve got a situation where more people are dying as a result of the insane policies of the government and healthcare system, and family members are being denied visits with their loved ones.

Governments and hospitals, under emergency declarations, benefit from hundreds of millions of dollars for treating coronavirus. They have a financial interest in going along with the hoax. But they also face potential backlash from the ignorant populace, or those pushing the agenda, if they don’t play along.

The necessity of face masks is the latest propaganda to be promoted by many, and it’s turning people against each other. This whole situation is making many people inhumane.

Many local religious leaders in Utah have joined together in calling for everyone to wear face masks. The governor of Utah, and other local government officials, also want everyone to wear masks. Several grocery store chains have implemented policies that require all customers to wear masks in their stores.

Denying a normal life to someone that doesn’t wear a face mask is persecution in the extreme. There are people who can’t wear a mask due to medical and/or psychological conditions. There are many people who have experienced trauma and PTSD, or simply disagree with wearing a mask because there is no legitimate reason to wear it.

Many scientific studies have shown it is very difficult to infect someone with a virus, which implies that masks are simply pointless; they also pose health risks for the wearer. There have been multiple reports of people passing out while driving, from a lack of oxygen, due to wearing a face mask. And this is just one tragic example of the potential health risks. Studies have found shocking health hazards associated with use of face masks.

In consideration of the U.S. Surgeon General’s counsel, the conclusions of the CDC, and the advice of leading disease experts, people should be rejecting the requirement to use face masks.

Some see the mask for what it is, a sign of submission to evil.

Much of the fear surrounding this virus is based on ignorance and a misunderstanding of viruses. People get sick and diseased primarily as a result of how they live, think, eat, and manage stress. We weaken our immune system when we are not getting enough sleep, eating too much sugar, eating too much processed food, etc. When our body is toxic we get sick. According to several experts, viruses actually help clean out the toxins, and are a symptom of disease, not the cause. Rather than being worried about catching Coronavirus, we should be worried about our immune system.

Vaccines are being promoted as the cure that everyone is waiting for so that we can relax and enjoy our new normal. Vaccines are also not the solution. Our government leaders should be promoting living a healthy lifestyle and building up a strong immune system. But the conspirators, the billion dollar corporations, and benefiting industries can’t make billions on promoting a healthy lifestyle, so they promote the vaccine lie, and they promote pharmaceutical drugs as band-aid solutions that won’t fix the problems, but will simply cover up the problems and add more of them.

Many doctors and medical professionals have spoken out about the dangers of vaccines.


This is a hoax; a plan-demic. If some don’t see that, perhaps it’s because they don’t want to.

Anyone willing to go down that rabbit hole can do so via the various links I have included in this article. Additionally I recommend:

The fact that so many churches have closed their doors for multiple months is going to have huge spiritual ramifications. Churches are supposed to be an outlet of truth and light. It is the churches that should be among the primary dissenting voices to the tyrannical decrees of government.

I’m not here to convince anyone of the fact that the conspiracy is in control, and that they control the flow of information in society; and as a result of this conspiracy the entire world has been duped. I’m just here to present the truth. We’re in the Matrix, figuratively speaking.

As Ezra Taft Benson said, “Our nation will continue to degenerate unless we read and heed the words of the God of this land, Jesus Christ, and quit building up and upholding the secret combinations which the Book of Mormon tells us proved the downfall of both previous American civilizations.”

I hope more and more people will wake up to the reality of the false right/left paradigm. We need true patriots and statesmen willing to show their allegiance to God, willing to stand up for freedom and true liberty, and finally stand up for correct principles. We need to stop building up secret combinations.

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7 Responses to “Standing For Truth Amidst Unprecedented Global False Propaganda”

  • Avatar for LDSC Ralph W Hughes Says:

    I believe that the LDS Church has been redirected by or with concurrence of the Lord from the goal of promoting Liberty to creating good will even among those who are striving to enslave us all to a world government. Unfortunately, this has included asking members to be good global citizens, and even stating that at times “all individual rights may be reasonably restricted”. I believe the Prophet is aware of the necessity of and reasons for following this course. I think the Lord is not ready to “bare His arm” to pull us out of the difficulties members have caused by ignoring commandments He gave us that if followed faithfully would have prevented our current “awful situation”. So please, lets not blame the Prophet or the Church. I personally blame all those members who heard and/or read, and yet ignored the commandments to “awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination that shall be among you”, and “We must learn the principles of the Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers”.

  • Avatar for LDSC Mike Says:

    Well said Ralph. Members of society (and church) are only capable of receiving the light and truth they are willing and prepared to follow. The old adage, “you get what you deserve” applies perfectly to this situation.

  • Avatar for LDSC Bob Says:

    This pandemic may very well be similar to the prophets Joseph’s call for 600 men to redeem and defend Zion with the call of Zions Camp. The conflict did not occur and many left their testimony because they did not have a war that they were looking forward to prove their bravery and resolve for their religion. But those that obeyed and endured the trials of the march, the hardships and their doubting questions proved themselves in the refiners fire and the Lord discovered a people he could work with. Many put the question to each other do you believe in God and his prophet. it is a question with a simple answer, YES or NO.

  • Avatar for LDSC CM Says:

    I believe God would never want us to sacrifice liberty for security or to be “good global citizens.” The war in heaven was over agency and that continues on earth today. God wants us to live by faith, not in fear, and he wants us to value our agency which is a most precious gift he gave us which Satan seeks to destroy. God created remarkable bodies for us, in His image, with natural immune systems. He created us to breathe naturally through our mouths and noses. He gave us the Priesthood to use for healing. He gave us a Word of Wisdom and guidance for how to be treated when we are sick, if we lack the faith to be healed. (See D&C 42: 43-52.) Scriptures warn us not to place our trust in “the arm of flesh,” but in God. We have the Book of Mormon examples of how tyrannical governments brought the downfall of whole civilizations. Every member should study what we believe about government in D&C 134. We also know America will be cleansed as only a righteous, God-fearing people may inherent this land, and we know the cleansing starts in His house. Our prophet gave us the counsel to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us in these latter days. It’s important to remember that ALL church leaders are still human men (and women). If you believe they are incapable of making mistakes, than you don’t understand agency and have missed the examples in the scriptures and church history of church leaders who made mistakes. I believe we will not be led astray on gospel doctrine. Call church headquarters and you will be told, as others have, that these measures are not “prophetic.”

  • Avatar for LDSC Frank Keele Says:

    What we see unfolding in the world today is the fulfilling of prophecy, I don’t believe that the collective membership of the church ever had enough influence to turn the world away from its present course.

    The Lord says in D&C82:
    22 And now, verily I say unto you, and this is wisdom, make unto yourselves friends with the mammon of unrighteousness, and they will not destroy you.

    Here we have the Lord’s “wisdom” and so far as I can see, it is pretty close to what we see coming from the leadership of the church. Any course that was in direct opposition to the political powers of the beast would be totally counterproductive to the mission of the church. The leadership of the church is “wise as serpents” and yet must appear to the beast to be “harmless as doves”… that’s how we get past the present dangers and complete our preparation for the Lord’s second coming.

  • Avatar for LDSC AB Says:

    Well stated Frank and Ralph. We are also being given the opportunity to be fully guided by the Spirit and our own conscience. For this is what is being asked of us in these times. This theme has been repeated especially in the last 2 conference sessions. Countless people of faith throughout the world, are also realizing this and recognize the cloud of Satan has descended upon this country and the world. It is a time to watch, prepare spiritually, and fortify our communities of faith and good people. We have been told, even the most elect will be deceived. We are watching this now.

  • Avatar for LDSC Bigun Says:

    Churches played a very prominent role in the coming forth of the United States of America, but I doubt any such thing would be possible today because most of the are now more concerned with preserving their tax status than providing scriptural truth. Sadly, I’m afraid that includes ours.

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