The False Left-Right Paradigm

In the United States, politics and government representation is dominated by the left (Democrats) and the right (Republicans). The differences between the two major political parties are few (based on their actions) but still enough to convince some people there is a meaningful difference.

I believe it is safe to assume that most people are good people who genuinely want good for others, and they will say they value freedom, but they largely act in ignorance of the correct principles of proper government. Unfortunately many people don’t understand that the ends do not justify the means, and that the two dominant political parties do not operate within Constitutional limitations and the principles of freedom.

Republicans can no longer claim to be conservatives or constitutionalists. That party overall supports an extreme amount of socialism, while the Democrat party is trending even more towards socialistic communism.

Both the right and left are supporting many unconstitutional things (at the Federal level): excessive military spending for unconstitutional wars and world-policing, privacy violations (PATRIOT Act), the welfare state, trillion dollar deficit spending, trillion dollar increases in national debt, bailouts, corporate subsidies, government schools, the Federal Reserve, etc. Similar violations of liberty and rights are happening at the State and local levels, including widespread adoption of the globalist agenda set forth by Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and much more. These are just some of the bigger violations, the full list would be daunting. Corporate interests also play a big part in influencing all of this.

The false left-right paradigm is also about keeping the people fighting and distracted from waking up to the truth. The media highlights the extremes on both sides to keep us divided and focused on our differences rather than common values. It keeps people from seeing who the real enemy is.

Tyranny vs Anarachy

A better approach to the political spectrum is to view things from the perspective of tyranny (total government control) vs anarchy (no government). Somewhere in between is liberty, where there are just enough laws to safeguard freedom and rights, but not too many laws that the government becomes an oppressive authoritarian burden. An understanding of the proper role of government helps to determine the ideal balance to achieve true liberty in a society.

On the side of tyranny we find communists, socialists, fascists, democrats, republicans, etc. Some are more on the side of tyranny than others but still on that side.

On the side of liberty are the few who actually support a constitutionally limited government, and the principles of the proper role of government. Those who value life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all, and not just in words only.

“It is a firm principle that the smallest or lowest level that can possibly undertake the task is the one that should do so. First, the community or city. If the city cannot handle it, then the county. Next, the state; and only if no smaller unit can possibly do the job should the federal government be considered.” (Ezra Taft Benson, The Proper Role of Government)

There are far too many wolves pretending to be in favor of freedom while not supporting it by their actions and their vote. Not to mention those who are part of, or are supporting the agenda of, the secret combinations. That being said, let us not be too harsh on those who ignorantly support evil. We should do what we can to warn them, to teach them, and to persuade them; that they may wake up to our awful situation.

As Ezra Taft Benson said, “the true statesman values principle above popularity, and works to create popularity for those political principles which are wise and just.”

Diving Deeper Into the False Left-Right Paradigm

The left-right paradigm is actually much deeper than what I have covered in this article. Rather than expound further on more points that could be mentioned, I’ll refer to this article: “The False Left-Right Paradigm” from the website League Of Real People.

Here are just a few highlights from that article:

The false left-right paradigm refers to how neither the left nor the right are what they claim to be. They are not about principles—they are about tribe.

The false left-right paradigm refers to how those extremists who are truly on the left or right are so few in number and so powerless, that they are irrelevant.

The false left-right paradigm refers to how left vs. right is a psyop used to strengthen the illusion of legitimacy.

The false left-right paradigm refers to the divide and conquer strategy being perpetrated against us.

Those who promote the false left-right paradigm are thus sometimes agents provocateur or controlled opposition … It can be healthy to point out cognitive dissonance among any faction…

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12 Responses to “The False Left-Right Paradigm”

  • Avatar for LDSC Larry Smith Says:

    It is so seldom to find this much TRUTH on the internet !

  • Avatar for LDSC Gale Phillips Says:

    I understand the point that defining ourselves on the political spectrum is divisive and tribal. But when I went to The League of Real People website that you cited as a source, I was unsettled. I cannot get a handle on exactly what this group is about, but I noticed in their pledge that it said that a member would not accept truth based on angels or aliens, voices or visions, among many other things. Can anyone clarify what this organization is about and who founded it?

  • Avatar for LDSC Nova Says:

    i think this was more true in recent past than it is now. It seems that the violent rise in rioting, burning, looting, brutality, rape, and murder by those who openly plan to destroy America is serving to unite peace loving patriotic Americans. Both sides of our government have been infiltrated to a far greater extent than could even been imagined. Yet, with the anarchist demonstrations destroying our cities, and freedoms being blatantly stripped away, it appears that people are beginning to see for themselves that which they could not have believed just a few months ago.

    Now the unthinkable is a reality and definite sides are being taken. While that is good for those who love our country and our God. It is worse for the most impoverishec, who are blindly supporting the very ones that are destroying their neighborhoods, and maybe the future for all of us.

  • Avatar for LDSC Rex Says:

    In the words of Pat Buchanan, the Republicans and Democrats are the two wings of the same bird of prey. It has also been said that there is only one political party in the United States – the War Party. Given the current situation, however, I will take the Republican war party over the Democrat war party. Trump isn’t perfect, and I don’t agree with him on some things; but at least he is getting us out of the Middle East quagmire, and he doesn’t condone riots and looting. Now, if we can just keep “support of law enforcement” from sliding into becoming a police state.

  • Avatar for LDSC Doug1943 Says:

    I agree with Rex — it’s a choice between someone who wants to kill you slowly over many years, by overfeeding you, and someone who is coming at you with a knife.

    If you don’t like the Republicans, you have got to take them over from the inside.

    A good book, just out, is Francis H Buckley’s “The Republican Workers Party”.

    And … we must go on the offensive against AntiFa and its violence. Some of us at are trying to organize a national day of protest — one that, in the spirit of this post, is NOT a ‘right wing’ thing, but something that can unite all Americans who believe in their country.

    It would be wonderful if everyone who reads this interesting blog would join with us. We need to get endorsements from as many people and organizations as possible.

  • Avatar for LDSC Desdichado Says:

    @Gale Phillips. What difference does that make? The genetic fallacy is called the genetic fallacy because it is just that: a FALLACY. Relying on it to dismiss sources doesn’t actually say anything about the argument or the source, but rather about the person utilizing the fallacy to attempt to dismiss arguments from sources that she doesn’t want to entertain. Even Hitler said things that were true. Just because he also said a number of things that were obviously false doesn’t mean that the true things he said weren’t true. If it bothers you so much, utilize the counsel given by the Lord to Joseph Smith in D&C 91 to sort out truth from falsehood if you think the source is untrustworthy.

  • Avatar for LDSC Maritza Castillo Says:

    Dear brothers and sisters, as I read these lines I can’t stop thinking about my own Country, Chile, which is going through a campaign for President election and I’m so terrified that we may get caught by the communists and socialists
    Because this has been planned for a long time by the Grupo de Puebla, represented in Chile by Marco Enriquez-Ominami and whose candidate is Gabriel Boric, a young drogadict, thief, corrupt man also accused for trying to rape a young girl. On the other hand we have Jose Antonio Kast, who is a believer, a catholic son of german people who came to Chile in 1950, Jose Antonio was born in Chile in 1966 and he’s the opposite to Gabriel Boric, he doesn’t support abortion, he’s pro family, actually he has 9 children, he believes in fidelity and he almost looks as a man sent by God.
    The problem is that the Grupo de Puebla, th.e Foro of Sao Paulo, both left organization and even the NU have set their eyes in Chile to add it to all the countries they have managed to conquer for the communism. They want us to become another Venezuela, with Maduro as principal authority, they need to take advantage of the good situation and the stability and progress that Chile used to have until that awful october 18, 2018 when there were riots along the Country and they destroyed all they could with the help of Maduro’s soldiers and people from the FARC, Colombia.
    They are here again with all their computers and programs and skilled people to interfere with our President Election on December 19th, you can see already signs of it, they won’t tolerate that Mr. KAST wins, they won’t take a no for an answer, the Grupo de Puebla already was calling to all their members to do no matter what so Mr, Boric gets the Presidency for the left party, they have enchanted our young people to think they will build a paradise on earth but we know better, I was just a kid when Allende tried to do the same but fortunately the militars stopped him and I remember very well the lack of food, the way they treated us, specially if they knew you were not on tbeir side, I have this anguished feeling in my chest and I don’t think I can put with it another time.
    So please, be kind and generous with Chile, please pray for us, pray for our Country that we can defeat marxism next december and that these people can do nothing to interfere with Chilean democracy and cannot make any kind of fraud whatsoever. It’s only for Chilean people to decide what kind of government we want to have. Young people will vote for Boric because they believe all his lies and false promises but we can win if people like me go to vote, I will be supervising the elections to see that nothing goes wrong but I’ll feel 100% better and confident if I know the Saints in Salt Lake City are praying for us, that will give us a lot of strenght.
    I have been a member of the Church for a little more than 30 years and my husband has been a member almost all his life. Our daughter is not living with us and she’s expecting a baby and I want that baby to grow up in freedom, do you understand? Please pray for us, for our Country, for our freedom, it will be a great relief and hope for us.
    Thank you so much, God bless America always and Chile too

  • Avatar for LDSC Maritza Castillo Says:

    I think I don’t understand, do you mean that I have to moderate my message or tbat you won’t publish some part of it.?
    All I have told you is true, my husband says nothing wrong will happen because the Cburch will build a new Temple here in Santiago soon. I prefer to confide in your prayers.
    Please revert
    Thanks a lot

  • Avatar for LDSC Maritza Says:

    Even you have failed, even you have let us down, the very people I trusted more. Anyway it’s good to know who are our real brotbers and friends

    Good bye

  • Avatar for LDSC TradMan Says:

    I was raised liberal Democrat. After my mission, I switched to Conservative Republican. I voted for Dole. After that, I became Independent. I voted Independent until Trump. You could call me a single issue voter because I am very Pro-Life. I think abortion is the US’s greatest sin.

    I have been in debt my whole adult life, thus I have never known true freedom.

    The Feds need to switch to a ten percent tax. Why do we pay the government more than the Lord? The Book of Mormon says the people of King Noah were in bondage because they paid a fifth of everything to the king. We pay half, more or less.

    The US needs to stop paying foreign nations. We need to stop sending US soldiers to die overseas unless the Congress declares war as stated in the Constitution.

    Unfortunately, the Feds have so much power now that they will not let it go peacefully. The future looks dim.

  • Avatar for LDSC Wolfhead Says:

    My eyes were opened at a young age, when I first started studying an learning about communist plans to over throw America back in the mid 80s after reading President Ezra Taft Benson’s book “An Enemy Has Done This”; that started me on the path to discovering the truth from many other sources.

  • Avatar for LDSC Cindy Says:

    Hello everyone, I was raised in the church.My Dad and all of his family were members of the church since the church was organized. In fact my great grandfather deeded land to build the first mormon church and for a cemetery for the Saints in a very rural community in Southeast Mississippi.
    It is of my humble opinion that where we should have always been reading the scriptures,praying, we are now faced with such times that these 2 things are of most importance as scriptures tell us even the very elite will be deceived. Satan is unleashed, evil is all about us and as far as Government goes we have long since strayed from a Govt for the people by the people as our Founding and its citizens of those days fought and some died for. This is so true that the democrat party and Republican party are the wings of the same bird. Has our Savior, our Founding not made clear than any man not a sound man of God, a Constitutional man,whether leading as a president Governor, mayor etc would tear apart our God given freedoms and liberties? I know these things are true as I know I have a Heavenly Father and a Savior Jesus Christ and the gift and power of the Holy Ghost. We have Falken very short of our political duties in that never have we used the rights, powers and laws of our Declarations stood united and said, NO to Gov’t overreach and niw full blown tyranny. I oresebmnt one example, Govt yrs back began talk of removing prayer, the pledge from our schools, using the excuse we didn’t want to offend Muslims, other nationalities, thise who may not believe in God, may not pray as we do and may nit recogognize the pledge as we do. As angry as we were, we did not stand united as Gods children, say, NO, we demand prayer, the pledge remain in our schools, we will accept no other way! Had we done so in every city, county, parish, town we would have prevailed. Oir a migrant to come to Anerica to truly escape tyranny,have a more prosperous life, enjoy freedoms, liberties, would have not objected to America’s ways. This is but one example where we did not obey God’s laws of this land we did not honor, preserve, ensure our laws, rights given to us in our Declarations brought forth by our Founding Fathers who were indeed inspired of God. When this Nation was built, there was not a left or a right. It was men of God who loved their creator, who yes had their disagreements, but they were prayerful men who sought God individually and together. This idea of a democrat and Republican party was to intend confusion amongst the people, to conquer and divide, we should see and understand this so clearly now. Some say we have rhino Republicans,, my brothers and sisters we have more than a few rhinos as defined. We have a one combined party with the exception of only a very small number who truly are God fearing, Constitutionalist reoresenatives . Some praise Donald Trump as the man called by God for these times. I suggest to you that you seek our Father in Heaven for these truths as I did, that led me to search out things I would have never thought to search on my own which opened my eyes wide to Gods truths. I don’t say this to be negative, attacking anyone, I say this because Gods laws of this land are trampled on, ignored by both sides of the isle, our freedoms, liberties, our Declarations now hang by a thread as our Prohet Joseph Smith warned us of. As president kimball, Benson, McKay and others of the past so warned us of. We need not waste valuable time arguing over a president, or any man yet be focused on our scriptutes, ourSavior, on our Founding, who too were men of God. We must stay in prayer for wisdom, discernment for these times, we must now begin to unite in every community in support of our freedoms, liberties our beautiful Declarations, more than for our own but for our children, grchildren as their futures, the futures of generations are dependent upon what we do or we don’t do. We must get active in our duties. The next virus which will result more in a plague, with the name of the medication given to be used. Its most horrifying side effects and so called vaccines have already been told is coming. We must stand united together under God that we do all in our power to protect us from what our Govt, both sides of the isle, the globalist and unelected beautocrats have in store for us which our own past prophets warned us in speaking of secret societies, that our book of Mormon warns us of these secret societies that devoured those before us. If we have the chance to vote again, we must with an open mind, a sincere heart pray earnestly for who to vote for. We should never vote by our own minds, what the media tells but only what our Father in Heaven instructs us. Would it amaze you If you were to be told vote for none of them? I would heed this answer as I have before . Did you know there are 1000 names on the presidential ballot for 2024? Probably not! I admonish you to go search out these people, pray about these people? The media, including conservative media will never mention these people. The republican, Democrat parties will never mention these people because they pick and choose who they want us to see on both sides of the isle. We are children of God first and above all. We need to see our errors in regards to politics, Gov’t, our Declarations repent, do our duty to our families, each other and our Nation. This is not about democrat or Republican, this is about good vs evil. It’s about the extended war in Heaven that has grown in numbers upon this planet. It’s about our eternal salvation. To choose our Heavenly Father, Our Savior could bring much persecution, but our eternal reward is so great! we are no different than those before us. The only difference in us today is we do have our Declarations, the Constitution,Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence and we must stand repentant in support, and defense of these said documents. Remember our children, grchildren and so on are dependent upon what we do or don’t do

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