The Legal Basis of a Free Society (H. Verlan Andersen)

Legal Basis of a Free Society by H Verlan AndersenAuthor: H. Verlan Andersen

When government enforces a law, it either does that which is morally right or morally wrong. Though it is true that almost all men share the same moral code with respect to human freedom, history demonstrates that humankind has a strong disposition to do through government that which would violate that code if done outside it’s framework. To give us guidance, without which one cannot hope to find the correct answer to political questions which are essentially moral, we shall go to the source of moral law; the prophets and the scriptures and those whom they approve. The moral code of the Constitution rests upon the universal need and desire for freedom and constitutes the only code that may, with justice, be enforced against all men. 227pp. 978-0-9817121-8-5

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