The Book of Mormon and the Constitution (H. Verlan Andersen)

This book is a great addition to studying the Constitution and reading the Book of Mormon. It allows readers to see the link between ancient America and the plans that God has laid out for this wonderful land, and our day. The Constitution was inspired by Heavenly Father, and studying this book will allow the reader to see the similarities between the people of the Book of Mormon and modern-day Christians. By so doing, one can forsee the events happening around them and basically predict what will happen if certain avenues that threaten our ability to be a free people are followed. This has been a great book to study, along with our study of the Constitution, “The Making of America” and “The Five Thousand Year Leap” both by Cleon Skousen. For anyone who wants to hone their skills in the area of the Constitution, these four books work in tandem. Too bad that “The Book of Mormon and the Constitution” is out of print.

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