Quote Category: ‘12th Article of Faith’

As Latter-Day Saints we are supposed to honor, uphold and sustain the law. That is one of our Articles of Faith. We can hardly say that we will be Latter-Day Saints when we are out of a car and forget the rule of our religion when we are in a car.

If we are Latter-Day Saints, we should be Latter-Day Saints all the time, whether in a car, or on the football field, on the basketball floor, in the classroom, or in our own homes. Our religion is for all the time.

( Source: “Our Automobile Manners”, Youth Fireside Series, 10 April 1962 )

Our twelfth Article of Faith says:

We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law. . . .

. . . The three significant words used in the 12th Article of Faith express the proper attitude of the membership of the Church toward law. These words are obey, honor and sustain. . . .

We obey law from a sense of right.

We honor law because of its necessity and strength to society.

We sustain law by keeping it in good repute.

( Source: Conference Report, Apr 1937, 27-28 )

The Latter-day Saints believe absolutely that the Constitution of our country was written by inspired men. We believe in upholding the laws of our country. We believe in being obedient to the laws. One of the Articles of our Faith [no. 12] says that it is our duty to do so.

( Source: Conference Report, Oct 1928, 9 )

Perhaps there is nothing of greater importance, next to our spiritual growth, than a determination on the part of the Latter-day Saints to observe the laws of our country. . . .

One of the Articles of our Faith [no. 12] declares that we believe in sustaining the law and supporting the rulers.

( Source: “President Heber J. Grant’s Conference Message” 677-78 )