The Proper Role of Government Video (Ezra Taft Benson)

Ezra Taft Benson gave this classic speech on The Proper Role of Government on several occasions. A full transcript can be found at this link. Also, you can listen to the audio recording at

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  • Avatar for Blog Walter Buller Says:

    As arguably the most active member of the Church in the Denham Springs, LA Stake for 40 years, I feel that I can accurately comment on the state of affairs of the Church, at least in this area, relative to the fight for freedom generally, and the teachings of Ezra Taft Benson specifically: The surest way to find yourself at odds with your priesthood leaders is to let it be known that you believe in the principles of liberty that he taught. Pres. Benson is now considered a fallen prophet by the overwhelming majority of priesthood leaders and general members, most of whom are defacto socialists. For example, I was forbidden by my bishop and stake president to preach against socialism “because it hurts the members’ feelings”. I discovered at my trial (“court of love” ), that the Church kept a file, a dossier, on me, that contained every talk I gave, every letter I wrote, every reported conversation I had with other members in which I espoused the teachings of Pres. Benson, Pres. McKay, Pres. Grant, and any other president of the Church relative to our responsibilities to defend our liberties. I was eventually excommunicated for asking embarrassing questions about the discrepancies between the teachings of such past prophets and more modern ones, as well as the discrepancies between official Church history and actual documented Church history. I discovered that asking such questions is poison to your membership. Inasmuch as this experience proved beyond any doubt that the General Authorities apparently feel the need to practice censorship and cover-ups to enable the Church to survive, I have no desire to regain my membership. I was a Seventy. Something is terribly wrong here.

  • Avatar for Blog Walter Buller Says:

    I should also like to mention that in my library are all 5 of the books written by Pres. Bensons’ close friend and General Authority Seventy H. Verlan Andersen. More than any other source that I have as yet discovered, these books more completely, and in a practical sense, explain exactly what socialism is, and how to oppose it. Needless to say, Elder Andersen was bitterly opposed by most of the other General Authorities, as was Pres. Benson, and his children were the subjects of intense persecution from within the Church. Again, something is terribly wrong here.

  • Avatar for Blog Pam Says:

    Walter, your story is most unfortunate! Though you may never read my comment, I hope you will someday know there are others who feel Ezra Taft Benson is not a fallen prophet, but was inspired to help us protect our country and our liberties. Those of whom you spoke who are against the principles he stood for – are those who are deceived. May God bless you.

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