The Book of Mormon Warns America, Are You Listening?

The Book of Mormon Warns America, was given by Elder Ezra Taft Benson on May 21, 1968, to the BYU student body. Previously it has only been available online as an MP3 audio recording. I recently went to the new Church History Library, found a printed version of the talk, scanned it and made a transcript which is now published on

As I’ve listened to and read through this talk, I feel that even though it was given over 40 years ago, it is still relevant to us today. Many want to deny the existence of ‘conspiracies’ and secret societies attempting to destroy the nation and our freedoms; I suppose they don’t understand the Book of Mormon, if they have read it. The label ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’ is used over and over again to discredit people. I admit that there are many theories out there which are simply theories. What’s unfortunate is that the conspiracy facts get thrown into the same pot, and the idea that our own government would be involved in such combinations is unbelievable to many people – to those people, I invite you to read the Book of Mormon (be sure to pay attention to what happened because of Secret Combinations in those days, and the warnings of the same thing happening today, even specifically in America.)

Some claim that this subversive threat to our government ended with communism (even though communism is still well alive in other parts of the world), and that the threat of a communist take-over of America is over.

The Prophets have not told us that we are no longer under condemnation and safe from the destruction of our nation for upholding Secret Combinations, letting them get power, gain, and destroy our freedoms – we know this continues on to this day. The prophets continue to warn us of the increasing wickedness of the people of this nation and that “political machinations ruin the stability of nations, despots grasp for power” and so on… Yes, they are being more careful about how they say it, with good reason, but the warning continues.

When you read/listen to The Book of Mormon Warns America (and many other past talks by prophets warning about communism) replace the word communism with socialism, fabianism, progressivism, or collectivism, and it very much still applies to the problems we face today. The enemy, with Lucifer at the head, has simply changed some of it’s strategies and tactics; the threat still exists.

As Ezra Taft Benson stated:

Suffice it to say that they have penetrated every major segment of our society, as J. Edgar Hoover has testified – the news media, the schools, the churches, the unions, etc. But their greatest desire and most successful drive has come from their effective penetration of government.

The open threat of communism in America may have been defeated, but it’s clear that Lucifer, through those in the Secret Combination and the assistance of “the misguided idealists, the political opportunists, the dupes and fellow travelers, and the ignorant and apathetic Americans” still has control of “every major segment of our society… the news media, the schools, the churches, the unions… government”

There may be some trials ahead – The War in Heaven continues on earth today – but I know that in the end Christ wins, along with those of us who stand with Him, and stand up for the Gospel, for Truth, Agency, Freedom, and Liberty.


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  • Avatar for Blog Mike Says:


    Thanks for the post. It is amazing to me how much the Book of Mormon, as President Benson outlined, speaks of this time through which we are presently passing. We say that a lot, collectively as a church, “The Book of Mormon was written for our day”, yet I wonder how often we actually ponder the significance of what we’re saying. I have often thought, or rather tried to fathom just how many records existed at the time Mormon took charge over them. There surely was a plentitude. And of all those records we have a comparatively small portion in what is now the Book of Mormon. That begs the question, “how did what is in there make the cut.” The answer we already know: Mormon was guided through the Spirit to put those things in that record that would be directly applicable to us today. When I thought about that in that light it made the war chapters in Alma make a little bit more sense. I used to think that those chapters were rather random, more suited for the “large plates” if you will. Yet I feel today that they serve as a type for us in our day of the spiritual battle we now face against our common enemy and those you serve him. We may not have to meet on the battlefield with our swords and cimeters and shields, yet the stakes are just as high and we indeed fight for the same cause, namely “our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children.”

    With regards to all the conspiracy theories and the like, they are beyond debate in my opinion but I can understand how many would hesitate to believe that such an abominable cabal could exist, let alone within our own gates. Said J. Edgar Hoover, “the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists…The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.” Hence Moroni’s words for us to awake.

    You said in your post that the war in heaven continues on earth today. That is indeed true. When we begin to analyze that it makes this whole conspiracy thing makes sense and quite simple. Satan is striving to rob man of his agency, to control him. President Benson says that he does this by working through governments. That’s no surprise for the Book of Mormon shows that to us. Satan does nothing more or less than the complete 180 from God’s will and intentions. We believe as latter-day saints that when Christ comes we will live under a one world government with Christ as the head. It makes perfect sense in my mind that satan, during this time of his great power, would be striving to bring the same thing to pass only with the exact opposite conditions.

    I believe Communism in all its forms is the mechanism through which he is pushing this agenda. Under David O. McKay, the church released a statement on Communism in which they stated, “we consider [communism] the greatest satanical threat to peace, prosperity, and the spread of God’s work among men that exists on the face of the earth.” If the threat of Communism is dead then we are dealing with a lesser threat today which is just wrong because satan is not dead so it follows that he would with even greater fervor be striving to bring our freedoms to and end. Communism is not dead it is simply hiding in plain sight under the guise of Socialism.

    How lucky we are to be living in this time in this country, given the opportunity and duty to stand up once more to combat satan and those who would uphold his work.

  • Avatar for Blog Michele Says:

    All I can say to what President Benson said and the words of the Book of Mormon is a RESOUNDING AMEN!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar for Blog Peter Says:

    After spending hundreds of hours studying, researching and “awakening” over the last 13 months, there is no doubt as to what is going on in our country and has been for so many decades. The Book of Mormon has come alive in a totally new way which my wife and I had only superficially appreciated previously. Doctrinally we had always treasured it but never quite appreciated how much of a “voice of warning” it was and why Pres Benson had so powerfully embraced and promoted it.

    An Enemy Hath Done This should be read by all members, as well as so many other excellent, well referenced books. Personally I have felt strongly compelled to share and strive to help awaken as many members, friends and professional acquaintances as possible to what is going on. It also often provides an opportunity to share the Gospel message with those who aren’t members.

    Thank you to Brian and all those who contribute to this web site and augment our efforts to learn, be prepared, avoid deception and gird our loins for what is a marvelous time and a significant eternal struggle. Pres Benson has clearly outlined in more than one of his writings that these times will define much about our eternal characters and our eternal destiny, for how we respond to the threat to our freedom, liberty and agency is so telling as to what we value. We have been issued our call to the modern day title of liberty and I am so grateful to have been guided to an awakening.

  • Avatar for Blog Paul O (wyp8riot) Says:

    Is Communism dead?

  • Avatar for Blog Lundbæk Says:

    It seems to me that at this time the warnings and commandments in the Book of Mormon and in the D&C about freedom and our responsibility to the US Constitution are among the most closely guarded secrets in the Church. I encounter members who think that if these subjects are not clearly discussed in General Conference then we should leave thim alone.

  • Avatar for Blog Benjamin Says:

    Lundbeak, there is not much secret to the freedom and responsibility to the U.S. Constitution. The real issue is how urgent it is that members of the church should be warned or reminded about this. Honestly, it’s also wrong that you should never write as well. so long as you can present a rational concern to your General Authority, there is a chance that you can receive an answer as to what you said.
    A number of you mention communism, which certainly is bad, but as far as the mechanism through which the Adversary will push his work, he will give it any name that sounds pleasing, but which in the end it is tyrannical and a horror unto itself, whether it be fascism, communism, anarchy, or whatever it is that would detract from our freedoms which we enjoy here in the U.S.A.. A great deal of this loss of freedom stems from the indifference of the people in these nation, or even their participation in one of the so-called secret combinations. There have been numerous bad dealings that have not been called out hard enough on the representatives, senators, and even president(s) responsible for either approving them or not standing up for them. The many wars, and the horribly unjust nature of them, reveals a picture well-illustrated by Moroni in his own description of our day.
    Hopefully most of us remember to “hold to the rod” by being serviceable, playing our truly constitutional role, not remaining silent on various matters that count, and being charitable truly to many of our bretheren and sisters around during these times, because there’s good times to come, and they’re worth the risks taken in doing what’s right in serving the Lord in these times.

  • Avatar for Blog Zack Says:

    I can see right through this thread for what it really is. This secret way of thinking and blaming liberalism for everything and comparing it to “satan’s plan” is beyond ignorant. Take a look at conservatism for what it really is, the history and the leaders. What good has conservatism done for this country lately?

    Let’s take a different approach.
    The open threat of communism(or forced thinking by religious fanatics) in America may have been defeated, but it’s clear that Lucifer, through those in the Secret Combination and the assistance of “the misguided idealists(like conservatives that feast on fox news and false information), the political opportunists(like conservatives for big business and not middle-class america), the dupes and fellow travelers, and the ignorant and apathetic Americans(ok so you mean just like conservatives?)” still has control of “every major segment of our society… the news media(like fox news, 35 other conservatives shows across the country, 233 radio shows, and 18 magazines all with conservative partisan opinions), the schools(that are forced to hear conservatism and “our christian founding fathers, regardless if Jefferson didn’t believe in god), the churches(that are everyday trying to turn the first ammendment upside down), the unions… government”

    does that work. hey maybe satan was motivating me to post this comment………oh my, so scary!

  • Avatar for Blog Zack Says:

    and it is truly amazing that all of these thoughts come out when a black, liberal democrat was elected to office. Try looking back at the last 30 years of republicans and conservatives and what policies and forced unconstitutional actions they put upon this country. Where were you then?

  • Avatar for Blog Brian M. Says:


    First of all, I think you might misunderstand me / my website…

    You commented on this post, “I can see right through this thread for what it really is… blaming liberalism for everything…Take a look at conservatism for what it really is” and also this “these thoughts come out when a black, liberal democrat was elected to office. Try looking back at the last 30 years of republicans…Where were you then?”

    The problem in your assumptions regarding your post is that you are wrong. I don’t blame “liberalism” for everything. I am not a “conservative” in the mainstream sense, and I am not a republican. I understand that the problems this nation faces are a result of both the Republicans and Democrats, and not only that but a result of secret combinations, and an increasingly wicked, complacent and ignorant society.

    I started this website back in 2005 shortly after awakening to our awful situation. This was during the Bush administration. I didn’t vote for Bush, and I recognize that he and the Republicans are just as much a part of the problem as Obama and the Democrats. I support only those politicians who support the Constitution and freedom – the true statesmen.

    I can understand why you thought that you could “see right through this thread”, and mistakenly thought that this was a “secret way of thinking and blaming liberalism for everything and comparing it to ‘satan’s plan'”. There are in fact many Republicans who think that way, however, that’s not me (which you could have discovered had you done a little more research before forming an assumption).

    I recognize satan’s plan in action in the two major parties and in many other places. It’s time for people to wake up and realize that satan (and secret combinations) is in control and has infiltrated governments and other realms (social, political, economic, medicine, education, etc, etc, etc.)

  • Avatar for Blog Chad Says:

    Hey Brian,

    I really like your website and thankyou for doing what you are doing. I consider myself a conservative but I too blame the Repubs and Dems for the Nations problems. Secret Combinations have definetly penetrated our Government and slowly we are heading in a bad direction. I have many friends who consider themselves “liberal.” They are LDS. When I talk to them about secret combinations in our own government they simply brush it aside like I’m crazy. I have even had some of them ask me what a secret combination is. I was shocked. I truly believe that many of our LDS Brothers and Sisters don’t read The Book of Mormon enough which is sad.

    Once again thanks. Your Brother Chad

  • Avatar for Blog Brenda Simons Says:

    I recognize many of the grave dangers that our country faces at this time. I realize that the citizens of the United States need to awaken from their complacency. I believe, though, that I read somewhere that the Lord would not suffer the United States to be totally governed by communism.

    We’re almost there, but I do pray that we will wake up before this country is ultimately overthrown by a totalitarian form of government.

    Have you read where any General Authority has said that this would be the case–that God would not suffer us to be ruled by a communist government?

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