How Presidents Were Originally Elected

The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College

The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College

Did you know that united states presidents were not always elected by popular vote, as they are today? Did you know that the person who received the seond most votes, from the electoral college, became Vice President? Did you know the electoral college is not functioning today as according to the original intent of the Constitution? Do you know how the electoral college is supposed to work? Until I was taught by Gary Alder on this subject I had a very limited understanding of the electoral college. Gary Alder has put together a very comprehensive, 55-page booklet explaining the “Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College“, I highly recommend it as an educational resource, and even a great way to teach your children these concepts.

Earl Taylor Jr., of the The National Center for Constitutional Studies, recently released a short write-up on the electoral college, based on the research and writings of Gary Alder, I recommend you read Mr. Taylor’s letter, as well as this booklet: “Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College”. This booklet is also now highly recommended by Stephen Pratt (for what it’s worth).

Link to “Elections in America – Battle of the Parties!” by Earl Taylor, Jr.

Link to “Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College” by Gary Alder

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  • Avatar for Blog Josh Says:


    Great resource. Thanks for posting. It’s always good to inform people about the original intent of the constitution. I’m always amazed at the response I get when I tell people the unconstitutionality of the 17th amendment and how the original intent of the constitution was that the senators were essentially delegates of the states, not representatives of the people.
    The states are what create the federal government, and the people create the states. The federal government is a representative of the states and the constitution is the agreement among the states on how they will operate together.
    We have been tricked into thinking that the president of the united states is supposed to be elected by popular vote. In a manipulated democracy that is true. But in a constitutional republic it is not. The president and vice president are to be elected by the delegates of the states, not the people.
    Thanks to the reconstruction movement, post-1860’s, we have a bona fide authoritarian system that mimics that of all authoritarian systems that have, do, and will exist, whether they be socialist or whatever.
    Anyway, good stuff. Thanks for blogging it.

  • Avatar for Blog Jody Fike Says:

    Let’s Restore the Election Process Back to its Constitutional Founding

    I believe that unless this issue is addressed, any form of government (Ours included) that allows for the democratic selection of it’s leaders to be controlled by party interests, will easily become co-opted and corrupted by the powers that be (those with the money) and that Nation will fall.

    Many of our Nation’s Founders warned of the dangers of party. The power elite have easily co-opted our Nations so called two-party system which has caused the near complete decimation of our original Constitutional System and the loss of our Individual Liberty. The major party stranglehold on the election process needs to be deemed an illegal monopolization of the process and rules and penalties need to be imposed against this usurpation. The States need to provide for a free and unimpeded election process, thus guaranteeing a Republican form of government as required in the Constitution. Any political party should be reduced to a passive organization for the promotion of political ideals and for the offering of candidates for public office. A political party or group may offer only one candidate per office to be filled. The party or group may choose this candidate in such manner as they desire, however the Federal and State governments are not to be involved in this process and no taxpayer monies are to be used for the private selection processes of these parties. Also there should be no Party designations on ballots, thus also eliminating straight party voting. This will make it difficult for uninformed individuals to vote, thus bringing back the power of the vote to those who truly care and who make the effort to be informed on both principles and candidates.

    A return to the founder’s vision of the Electoral College for the election of President and Vice President could greatly help to reduce the party stranglehold. We should be electing a person from our district to whom we will give our trust, to assemble with others so chosen across the State, to assemble at the State Capitol on a set date to choose from a list of qualifying candidates. These electors whom we choose to select the Chief Officers of the Nation should be free from any tie to a political party and should be free to cast their vote for whomever they choose. This system should rid us of the constantly reoccurring media circus, which whips up our nation into a mindless frenzy every four years over who is elected as President. Are not the seats in Congress equally important to the welfare of our nation?
    Following is a draft Resolution I have been working on to help educate and possibly someday remedy the difficulties we are presently operating under. I hope that it may get in the right hands where it can be improved upon and become effectual.

    A Resolution Calling for the Restoration of Our Nations Elective Process.

    WHEREAS, The Founding Fathers of our nation gave us strong warning about the baneful influences of “Party” within our political system; and
    WHEREAS, The Constitution of the United States of America does not provide for the inclusion of any political party system within the election process therein described; and
    WHEREAS, The same Constitution does not provide for any Federal involvement and use of funds for the private selection process of any political party in the election of a candidate in what is termed as a “Primary Election”; and
    WHEREAS, The same Constitution does not provide for the election of the President and Vice President of the United States by popular vote but rather by the selection of “Electors” who are free to choose from among a certified list of qualified candidates those persons whom they see as best fit to fill these two high offices in the Federal Government:
    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that all direct “Party” involvement in the election process be quickly terminated; including but not limited to the following resolutions:
    RESOLVED, that all “Party” designations be removed from the election ballots along with the option to vote a “straight party ticket”; and
    RESOLVED, that Federal and State funds and properties not be used for the private selection of candidates to run under any political party name; including but not limited to the “Primary Election”; and
    RESOLVED, that all party designations and controls be removed from the Electoral College; leaving them re-empowered to elect the President and Vice President of the United States according to the dictates of their own conscience rather than according to the wishes and designs of any political party.

    For further enlightenment you may study from the historical works listed below.
    George Washington’s Farewell Address “….the baneful effects of the Spirit of Party,”
    Alexander Hamilton, Federalist, No. 68 “…the people of each state shall choose a number of persons as electors”

  • Avatar for Blog Bill Jensen Says:

    Actually the article starts off with a false premise. There is no, nor has there ever been in this country, a popular vote for president. The electoral college, created by partisan maneuvering, are the sole determiner of that office. Sadly, the popular election is pretty much just a dog-and-pony show for PR these days.

    Even if the EC were abolished, the “popular vote” would merely determine which of only two candidates – already thoroughly vetted and financed by corporate power brokers – wins. As long as either one of them gets the job, corporate America could not care less who is “elected”.

    It was a very interesting historical article however – thanks for writing it.

  • Avatar for Blog wargames83 Says:

    The popular vote still doesn’t elect the President. It it did Gore would have beaten Bush

    Josh said, ” I’m always amazed at the response I get when I tell people the unconstitutionality of the 17th amendment”

    I am amazed that you would say something so silly. The 17th amendment was ratified by the states per the process outlined by the constitution, thus become part of the constitution. Calling a part of the constitution unconstitutional is a self-contradiction.

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