Can Paleo-Conservatives and Neo-Conservatives really Unite for Freedom?

It’s been proposed by various individuals that we put aside our differences and unite together in the “Freedom Battle”, or in standing up for Freedom.

I think the key is that we unite on Freedom, as the Founding Fathers did. They didn’t agree on everything except that they wanted Freedom from Tyranny. Some had different ideas regarding how to accomplish this.

A few issues come to my mind that sometimes create a big dividing line between what I see are the THREE main groups of people that often call themselves Constitutionalists.

1. Libertarian Constitutaionalists
2. Paleo-Conservative Constitutionalists
3. Neo-Conservative Constitutionalists

For the most part these groups are similar. They claim love of freedom and the Constitution.

To unite in standing up for Freedom, you must believe in Freedom. Therefore I’m not sure it would be possible, or suggested, that we should unite with those who claim to support freedom, yet support that which is anti-freedom. This would be like trying to server two masters (God and Satan).

I can accept that we’re not all going to agree on everything, but are there certain issues that we must agree on in order to truly unite?, to truly support freedom?

The main issues I see that Neo-Conservative and Paleo-Conservative Constitutionalists disagree on is pre-emptive war and United States foreign policy (world police, U.S. having military in many countries, israel, etc). (The Paleo-Conservatives support defensive war only and are non-interventionists – don’t meddle in the affairs of other nations – Let them resolve their own problems…. Whereas the Neo-Conservatives support pre-emptive, offensive war (Iraq) and other points of current United State foreign policy, world policing, etc.

I think that we can all agree with Libertarians at the Federal level because the Constitution doesn’t grant the Fed power to be involved in regulating vices and debauchery (gambling, porn, prostitution, drugs, etc)… however, it is often argued that at the State level, if the majority choose, they can regulate those things. Typically, Neo’s and Paleo’s agree that vices and debauchery can be regulated at a state/local level, and see it as an issue of protection of the rights of the members of the community.

That leaves the question: Are the issues of war/US foreign policy/world police/israel, that often divide Conservatives/Constitutionalists,  something that should or should not keep us from uniting? And, is taking a stance on those issues, on one side or the other, “anti-freedom”? (and why?)

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  • Avatar for Blog Will Says:

    I guess I don’t see what problem you have with current US foreign policy?

  • Avatar for Blog Jeremy Says:

    We can all unite on the specific issues with which we agree. However, I will not be persuaded into supporting neo-con politicians because foreign policy is possibly the most important issue affecting our country. We cannot have freedom at home while we have an enormous army abroad.

  • Avatar for Blog Camille Olson Says:

    united we stand

    independent democratic constitutional republican americans united to principles and precedence…. Where there is King, the King is law.. where there is no king , the Law is king, for truth, for liberty, for peace, justice and equality… for order and honor…. Usa Constitution, as the base to which we must anchor, intertwined with Constitution, considered- to be presumed innocent until or unless found guility of violation of the rights of man, ( the thou shalt nots of commandments) for peace.


    When reps are in violation of Constitution, ( can we say contempt) then it appears that the secure protection afforded to citizens of life, liberty and happiness, based on honest principles, precedence /representation , checks and balances is not in place and we must act united to petition for resolution recall and restoration…
    no pay for senators and congress, until restored the honest weights and measures… honest representation in money and men… In God we trust,

    Does he not have sufficent to redeem his people ?

    C o C Committees of Correspondence, oversight TLC Truth, liberty and Constitution…. Keep it simple and secure…

  • Avatar for Blog Iain Says:

    For me, I do not see foreign policy as the problem. I see the problem of uniting based on domestic issues. We have too many Republican Party stalwarts that have electing Republicans in office as their only task. They are willing to sacrafice Constitutional principles in an effort to have a majority in the Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court. After that we get the same old thing with a different look.

    Most people are duped into thinking they have to vote for someone on the list. Too often we end up voting for one unprincipled individual in an attempt to keep an even worse one out.

    While I am a registered Republican my only course is to vote for people who know and uphold true Constitutional principles here at home. Here in my area the Republican Party is the platform for this as there are some great people who run for office and I want to help them get elected. To do that I try and get elected as a delegate to county and state conventions. If there is not a candidate who upholds Constitutional principles I do not vote for any of them. This includes the November elections as well.

    If we truly want to unite on freedom we need to concentrate on two areas- Constitutionally sound domestic policies and not defaulting to the worser of two evils. Let the outside world blow up for all I care. If we let Freedom slip here at home (and it has) then what matters beyond our borders is of little consequence. Clean up your own house before telling others to clean theirs. It’s like fighting wars all around us but leaving the home base unguarded.

  • Avatar for Blog erickson Says:

    I believe that the neo conservatives are the republican arm of the conspiracy that seeks to overthrow all nations. They are the most diabolical because they are the ones who are decieving the very elect. When I see footage of Dick Chaney admiting he ran the CFR and the fact that he kept that from Wyoming voters, and footage of paul Wolfowitz at a Builderberger confrence, as well as the neo cons who have been the archetects of our foreign policy, since 9-11, This leads me to believe they are working for world government

  • Avatar for Blog Frederick Says:

    I agree with that last comment. I also believe that neo-conservatives are basically the Republican Arm of the secret combination that seeks to overthrow the freedom of all nations. Another name for that conspiracy is the New World Order.

    I also believe that preemptive war is a violation of the Constitution and the principles upon which this country was founded. I’m not sure one can say they are a Constitutionalist while also supporting the doctrine of preemptive war. The founding fathers had wise council on foreign policy. George Washington said it quite well during his farewell address to the nation. We would do well to follow the advice of our founding fathers.

  • Avatar for Blog Neil Says:

    I agree with Fredrick and Erickson. If something is of evil there is no reason to unite with it. We must follow the Constitution to live the higher laws. Wars manipulated by the secret combinations have caused millions to die. Preemptive war I feel is a tool of the deceiver.

  • Avatar for Blog Perler Says:

    I am amazed how both Republican and Democrates can feel the same about the opposing party. The fact is, both parties are leading us down the wrong path and away from the Constitution. However, just look at the policies that are being thrown at us right now. If you are for America and freedom you can’t be for turning private businesses and our personal choices over to the Federal Government to run. There appears to be a lot of people wearing blinders, ignoring all the consequences for their actions in order to reach some dream of equality. That dream ends up making all people poor and dependent upon the government; except the ones with the power and those that know them. We see this happening in this new administration already. Democrats have the power. They better be careful how they use that power. The way they are headed stifels creativity and independence.
    Regarding Health Care, what congress is trying to do to fix the problems is idiotic. Changing American healthcare to look like European when the individuals there say it isn’t working for them, so they are trying to privatize?? What is congress thinking? All they have to do is talk to the real people. I spoke to some people in Ireland. They said they are trying to privatize because their system is bad, but trying to go back isn’t working because the services are not available. SO, that tells me, if we end up doing this ridiculous CHANGE there is no going back. This president and congress will ruin America.

  • Avatar for Blog Morgan Says:

    I feel it is impossible to unite with any faction that supports unconstitutional legislation or engages in unconstitutional actions of any kind.

    The neocons and Bush administration have done more to destory the Constitution in the past 8 years than any faction in recent memory. I will not consider joining with those who have given us the Patriot Act, undeclared/ unconstitutional wars, and a big fat banker bailout. They are wolves in sheeps clothing and are decieving the very elect.

    No my friends, I’d rather remain a part of a “crazy” minority and retain a clear conscience than unite myself with such pretenders.

  • Avatar for Blog Benjamin Says:

    Perler, I really have to agree with you on this one. One party ruled for about eight years, and got us involved in wars, whilst the other is absolutely no better, and just as full of blame and contempt for others, and even hostile towards the slightest inquiring into their policies. Not to mention the fact that not only are we in both Afghanistan and Iraq, but we’re bombing Pakistan with airborne robotic, predator drones, killing more of the Pakistanis which we claim to protect than actual terrorists. The new party in charge is no better than the one which followed. They delivered an arrogant statement to the Pakistanis saying that despite actually fighting with their military and having their own people bombed by terrorists, they are not doing enough. It’s arrogant and self-defeating against the true hazard to freedom found by the radical extremists of Islam, in fact, our own leaders’ insensitivity is possibly just as bad as that of the terrorists at this point, and I pray that God may be with those in Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, as well as with our soldiers who fight this war. The earlier counsel from the Prophets and apostles about party affiliation is correct; political affiliation can become idolatry if unchecked by each of us on a personal basis, as well as potentially divide and destroy more unity than it creates in the long run.

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