An Open Letter to Latter-day Saint Detractors of W. Cleon Skousen and His Works

cleon-skousenIn 2005, the year before his death, I had the opportunity to learn from a modern-day Founding Father, W. Cleon Skousen.

I, and others, sat before him as we studied the book, The 5000 Year Leap, asked questions and received commentary directly from the principle author of the book, Dr. W. Cleon Skousen. The research that went into the writing of this book was done at the request of past president of the LDS Church, David O. McKay. This research is also what led to other great books: The Making of America and The Majesty of God’s Law. In the forward of The Majesty of God’s Law, Skousen wrote:

“In 1967 a great leader (David O. McKay) whom I admired and loved said that a crisis was coming to America and the legal minds of the nation were not getting ready to deal with it.

“He indicated that the Founding Fathers knew this would happen and they knew what to do about it. He suggested…that I take time to get acquainted with the things the Founders knew…

“So, for over a quarter of a century I have been struggling to put it all together. This book is the result of that labor…”

Previously this same modern-day Prophet, David O. McKay, endorsed Skousen’s book, The Naked Communist, in LDS General Conference (1), and so did another Prophet, Ezra Taft Benson, on multiple occassions. (2) (3) (4). President McKay had also asked Skousen to write the book.

As I studied with W. Cleon Skousen I came to know a man who is filled with Christ-like love for others, and has a dedicated commitment to truth. When I read of others criticizing, mocking and mischaracterizing Skousen, I am very disappointed, especially when this is coming from fellow Latter-day Saints, many of whom have never even read his books, and could not cite one disagreement they have with his teachings.

W. Cleon Skousen researched, understood and taught the principles of Freedom; he was also very knowledgeable on other doctrines of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m certainly not saying he was perfect and without fault or error; unfortunately Skousen’s detractors are not concerned with truth and simply jump to false conclusions. Skousen’s detractors also seem to ignore the fact that his books were so well-researched and documented. Skousen also had the assistance of other expert researchers.

In my earlier years of becoming a Constitutionalist, learning the principles of freedom and the proper role of government, I mostly turned to Skousen’s books to find answers to my questions because of the fact that he so often quoted the direct words of the Founding Father’s on the subjects of my questions.

You might ask why I would bother to write a letter defending Skousen’s character? I know the fruits of his labor and they are good fruits. The things Skousen taught will only bring a person to the truth and closer to Christ.

I like to use the saying, “attack the message, not the messenger”. In the case of Skousen, both the message and the messenger are deserving of much respect.

Don’t just take my word for it. I now call in another witness to speak of W. Cleon Skousen’s character and works in life… Thomas S. Monson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a living prophet, seer and revelator.

At the funeral of author W. Cleon Skousen, Thomas S. Monson recited, from memory, a passage found in The First 2,000 Years (by Skousen). President Monson said that he had previously quoted this to a man who had asked about Skousen’s character:

“Often the wisdom of God is foolishness to men, but the greatest single lesson to be learned in mortality is that when God commands and a man obeys, that man will always be right.”

President Monson also said: “Everyone he spoke to, everyone he taught, is closer to Christ than before they met Cleon Skousen.”

Other comments made at Skousen’s funeral by President Monson, who at the time was the first counselor in the First Presidency of the Church:

“He (Cleon Skousen) has lived a wonderful life, extended, look at all these years, but he has never ever deviated.”

“…and the song that Cleon Skousen is hearing: ‘well done thy good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.'”

President Thomas S. Monson went on to read a message from the LDS First Presidency (Gordon B. Hinckley, Thomas S. Monson, James E. Faust) to Skousen’s wife, Jewel. Some excerpts from that letter:

“We were saddened to hear of the passing of… our friend” President Monson then interjected “The Savior used the word Friend…”

“Skousen was indeed an extraordinary man who set a high standard of integrity and achievement…”

“His fierce loyalty to our country and his attempts to protect our freedoms are well-recognized. As he lifted his voice, both in the books he authored and the speeches he delivered, he was a powerful influence for good…”

“His vision and achievements will remain a lasting legacy and blueprint for others to follow…”

After reading the letter, President Monson also said:

“Our lives are better because of him whom we honor.”

(Listen to audio excerpts of President Thomas S. Monson speaking at W. Cleon Skousen’s funeral)

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40 Responses to “An Open Letter to Latter-day Saint Detractors of W. Cleon Skousen and His Works”

  • Avatar for Blog Darren Says:

    I’ve read just about all of Cleon Skousen’s works and am convinced this was a man the Lord had a special purpose for in conveying the message of the gospel and liberty.

    I just do not understand why those who claim a testimony or an understanding of the gospel belittle him and others of his ilk such as Ezra Taft Benson and H. Verlan Anderson.

  • Avatar for Blog Bobbi Winterton Says:

    Thank you so much for writing this letter. I have been frustrated with LDS people’s attitudes toward Cleon Skousen and am happy to see an open letter that, hopefully, many who have denounced him will read, and realize what a great man he was. I am so thankful for the books which he has researched and written.

  • Avatar for Blog Rochelle Says:

    Thank you for writing this about this Christ-like man of whom all Americans should be thankful for the work he did to teach us about this great land of America and how to honor it by learning and living the principles of freedom upon which it was founded.

    I hope that it is not to late to turn things around in our government but my fear is that it is to late to stop those who work day and night to steal away our agency that is and should always be safe guarded by the principles of the Constitution.

  • Avatar for Blog Johnny U. Says:

    If the ‘Hounds of H-ll’ are not barking at your works; you are not doing good – nor are you acting out the will of the Lord! If you seek to please your collaegues, your mentors and any other worldly source – while the ‘Hounds of H-ll’ lie dormant before you – you can be assured that your works are of no consequence. Those who seek the praise of men, while avoiding any persecution or offense to the Devil, should know that they will not be receiving the approbation or commendation of a Prophet of God. Nor will they ever receive any such honor from the Lord – for their passive worldy-compliant works! I pray that in my own life, I may hear the howling often! That I may ‘let sleeping dogs lie still’; unless, of course, they are the ‘Hounds of H-ll’! Then may I awaken them to a ferocious ‘wailing and gnashing of teeth’! God Bless You – W. Cleon Skousen.

  • Avatar for Blog Janet Says:

    Oh my, I had no idea there were people out there who didn’t respect and love Cleon Skousen. He is beloved by non-lds and lds people all over the US, and probably the world.
    My husband first met Cleon Skousen when he was the speaker at husband’s police academy graduation. And since my husband was the top cadet, he was also speaking, thus got to visit with Cleon S. Not being a member of the lds church at that time, my husband didn’t know CS was lds…..he did, however, say what a great man he felt CS was. And my husband was a very stout judge of character.
    One of our most treasured purchases is the CD of Cleon Skousen’s works. We used his Book of Mormon series with our 8 year old son, as a homeschool tool, and we loved studying by this method with our son…..infact, son would request his Dad to be the one to prepare his Book of Mormon lesson as often as possible.
    I can imagine that my husband, who passed away 9 years ago at the young age of 63 (giving his life early as a result of his body wearing out from his police career) is thrilled to finally see this great man, Cleon Skousen, again on the other side of the veil.
    I grew up respecting Cleon Skousen’s books and thought he was one of the greatest Americans. and lds men, I had ever heard of. To me, he could have been general authority material.. It is my personal belief that we are seeing men like him, and Columbus, and George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin, etc. berated instead beloved, because they are truthful good men who, like the prophets of all time tell it like it is….thus the truth for many in the world is just too hard to take.
    I never did get to meet this wonderful man, Cleon Skousen, but I feel I know him through his writings, and he is definitely on my list of people I want to know and respect forever.

  • Avatar for Blog Patrick Says:

    I never met Skousen, but his books are wonderful.
    They are clearly classics to treasure.

  • Avatar for Blog Paul Says:

    Thank you for this letter.

    I appreciate reading these great things that have been said about an incredible man by great leaders of the church.

    It boggles the mind how so many members of the church can be so far away from the true teachings of Christ and his servants.

    ie… Obama supporters, Harry Reid supporters and blind republican followers.

    One need not look far to discover words of the prophets pointing us in the right direction.

    Great article!

  • Avatar for Blog Greg West Says:

    Very nice. I also find it disturbing when members of the Church ignorantly attack one of our own. Skousen raised a voice of warning that is in perfect harmony with the Book of Mormon’s warnings. Members of the Church who have accepted the gospel, but reject the prophetic voice of warning aren’t doing themselves or others any favors.

  • Avatar for Blog JL Says:

    Soon after joining the Church, a friend loaned me Cleon Skousen’s books to read. Then I had the great blessing of attending his Constitution classes in Mesa, AZ. He is a true patriot, a valiant servant, and only the ignorant would dare to cast aspersions on his character.

  • Avatar for Blog Forrest B Says:

    Amen to all comments in support of Brother Skousen’s character and work. He was truly a servant raised up to give warning to a wayward nation. Too bad the powers of evil are so readily heard by those who have no ear for truth. Well might the words of WC Skousen have been the words of Nephi: “O, my beloved brethren, give ear to my words. Remember the greatness of the Holy One of Israel. Do not say that I have spoken hard things against you; for if ye do, ye will revile against the truth; for I have spoken the words of your Maker. I know that the words of truth are hard against all uncleanness; but the righteous fear them not, for they love the truth and are not shaken.”
    Long live the USA.

  • Avatar for Blog Mitch van Biljon Says:

    I have ready many of Cleon Skousen’s works and what a great intellect. I have read some of the works of his grandsons and they also reflect a great understanding of gospel and politics.

    I strongly urge you to read the book by Richard Skousen “His Return – Prophecy, Destiny & Hope”

  • Avatar for Blog Dane Bounds Says:

    Thanks for providing this page. It has helped allay some of my concerns about Brother Skousen’s writings.

    I have a really soft spot in my heart for Brother Skousen. When I was 12 years old, I read his book _The First Two Thousand Years_. I subsequently in my teens read the rest of that series as well. That first book had a powerful affect upon me. I didn’t understand everything I read, but the Spirit of the Lord bore powerful witness to me about the truthfulness of the Gospel as I read that wonderful book. It also introduced me to a life-long interest in the Old Testament. I look forward to reading the _5000 Year Leap._

  • Avatar for Blog Mitch van Biljon Says:

    Paul, your comments were great. One cannot be a LDS member and support Obama and the current ignoramuses in the legislative branch. A latter day saint, if supportive of the policies of Obama, needs to repent and better understand the principles of the gospel.

  • Avatar for Blog melissa Says:

    thank you! I was very pleased to read the quotes from Monson at CS funeral. 5,000 Yr Leap has been a big influence for me. What a great man.

  • Avatar for Blog Greg Lunt Says:

    I have been honored to sit at the feet of this great patriot on several occasions and had many witnesses given me by the Holy Ghost of the truths he expounded upon. If the Founding Fathers were here, they would witness as have the Prophets familiar with him of the great work he has dedicated his life to learn and teach to others.

    His books and teachings for 30 years have been a beacon of light and inspiration. They were a great part of the awakening I experienced as I studied and researched the genius of our Founding Fathers. And if we reject their wisdom and instruction, we will bring upon ourselves the judgments of God, for God will not be mocked.

    We are eternal and can wait for judgment, but nations are temporary and only exist in time, therefore they will be judged in time! The ONLY way to save this nation now is to repent and return and worship to the only true God in mass. If not, only the righteous need not fear.

  • Avatar for Blog Gladys Says:

    I love the 5000 year Leap. I heard people say, ” oh you shouldn’t read that book.” And when I asked why not – not one single person could answer the question. They would say I can’t remember why but I’ll find out. Are you kidding? You have to ask someone to find out what you think about it yourself. I think the detractors are apathetic to the concerns of our government because they don’t want to get involved protecting the Constitution; so if they can find fault with people that love this country and work hard to defend it’s freedom, it justifys all the time they spend scrap booking, watching Oprah and reading low mentality novels and that goes for the men as well.
    Wake up and pay attention to what’s happening in our country. Once freedom is lost only blood will bring it back.

  • Avatar for Blog Pleasantgirl Says:

    I find this “open letter” very timely. I recently had a conversation with a dear friend who doesn’t seem to have the same opinion of Bro. Skousen as I do, and from what I surmised she has had her viewpoint confirmed by a relative, who happens to be a General Authority. She has told me more than once that the “brethren” call Bro. Skousen “B.S.” I first became acquainted with Bro. Skousen’s books a couple of years ago and because I had not heard his point of view before I was somewhat skeptical. I had my husband do some research on the internet and he came back saying that a lot of people think he is a kook. I have chosen to judge Bro. Skousen by his works, which I find very inspiring. I have decided the info on the internet is a case of “discrediting the messenger.” Still this comment from my friend has bothered me. I have witnessed first hand how passionate people are about their political point of views and I have wondered how two committed Saints can have such differing opinions. In my search for answers I came across an article that may help others, as it has me, have more charity towards others with differing political views. I think it boils down to this: some people see religion and politics as very connected and some see them as two distinct entities. Which ever way we believe I wonder if we will be judged as much for how we treat others with different views as we will for what our views are. I think if we react too harshly or unkind we can seem less credible. I know the Savior seldom used anger, but always love unfeigned. I know it has given me something to think about as I continue my search for truth.
    The American Presidency and the Mormons
    By James B. Allen, Assistant Church Historian

  • Avatar for Blog Shaun Knapp Says:

    Great things. I have been out of the loop. How unfortunate to hear that people are speaking ill of this man. How fortunate was I to have been able to meet him in person those few months before his fall, and then subsequent bed rest and passing. How great were those weeks sitting at his feet, the spirit was there in power, and a great and wonderful sense of goodness, the kind of thing rarely found in our time accept in holy places. For where there is love, there is the spirit of the Lord. Such a spirit were evident in those settings where Dr. Skousen in his 92 year (as I recall), led discussions and teaching moments to eager and happy students who very much appreciated being recipients of his insights and great experience of a lifetime well spent.

    I will remember one critical statement he made that should not be forgotten, and it was after a 3.5 hour standing room only lecture by Dr. Steven E. Jones, the now famed Physicist who was first of now thousands of scientists to be spotlighted in the media, who grabbed hold of the collapse of WTC 7 and begin to ask the obvious scientific questions, about it’s collapse. For it did not make sense, even FEMA admitted such, that the “official” story that “fire” brought down this 3rd skyscraper (not hit by a plane) was, according to FEMA, of “low probability.”

    After Dr. Jones presentation that left his audience of astute and discerning listeners enthralled, Dr. Skousen said in essense as best as I recall: “True it is, as foreseen by Nephi, that when these secret combinations were moving in about us, entrenching about us on every side, the latter-day saints would be crying ‘all is well in zion, yea, zion prospereth.’ ”

    Such is the cogent statement of a man of great discernment, an exposer of the vile and wicked bands of Gadianton in our day. His book, the Naked Communist, as columnist and author Gary North pointed out some years back, was the first book that showed the nation that we weren’t merely fighting communism, but something much larger, a full on conspiracy. And indeed, such is the case. Those who would demean Dr. Skousen, are most likely those who demean the Lord and ridicule Moroni as he gives potent warning to us, the Gentiles he addresses in Ether 8:18-25.

  • Avatar for Blog Cory Seegmiller Says:

    W. Cleon Skousen has been someone that I have looked up to ever since I was very young. He came and spoke in our ward for Sunday School one time when I was a teenager, and I remember members of our ward berating him for some of the comments he made in that presentation. I was a little confused as to why they would make such comments, as I had felt the Spirit bear witness to what he had said (all of it absolutely based in scripture and doctrine) and had listened in wonder to what he taught about the second coming of the Savior.

    In the various other times I was near him after that, I was always impressed by his humility, kindness to all and gentle spirit. Though I had no personal relationship with him, I count W. Cleon Skousen as one of my true friends. True friends are always there to help each other out, and Cleon Skousen is a true friend to all those who are seeking to know what is true in the realms of politics and religion. Though the human search for truth is not always perfect, in the end such a search will always lead to the Savior and to the ultimate truth that He is the only path to peace and happiness. W. Cleon Skousen understood that well, and lived a life that demonstrated his allegiance to the Savior and the freedom He wants for all of us. For that we have all been blessed.

  • Avatar for Blog Benjamin Kemer Says:

    President Monson’s words were well thought out and necessary to settle it out once and for all what we should feel about the passing of Cleon Skousen. He is a person who had a great deal of truth to convey to plenty of us, and we have a decision as to whether or not to take offense to what he says, versus actually read it and think about it point by point. So often I hear plenty of people try to analyze so hard and worry about something that might oppose their political point of view, I even have heard politicians’ concern that certain news commentators might be counterprogressive to them. This notion is pretty rediculous and immature to say the least. In retrospect, it shows more than anything else the insecurities that many of these people have with their own beliefs and rhetoric which they have to deliver. Most of us honestly have a choice about dealing with people who are rude and obnoxious, from the internet troll to the newscaster, and that is to treat them with no less significance than they deserve. Ignoring or not giving attention is an option that hopefully some of us learned. Taking offense is sadly something that is too easily seen nowadays, from people feeling insecure about their not being married, to comparing their own success to others in the mission field, to who knows what else, it’s a lesson that most of us can DECIDE to learn at some time in our lives, about what really matters, and about what is just a temporary “trend of the day” that will soon fade away.
    Overall, Skousen was a scholar who honestly committed plenty of time to developing whatever he had to argue and report. I wish the best for his family and hope that all of us, whether we agree with him or not, pursue our own education and develop some of our own knowledge and understanding about the world around us as well.

  • Avatar for Blog Larry Hathcock Says:


    Thanks for not only standing in defense of one of the great LDS scriptorians and authors of the latter days but also in supporting this web site. I remember how popular his Book of Mormon classes were at BYU many years ago. He brought the Book of Mormon to life for those students who were fortunate enough to get his classes.

    I have read many of his works and have a profound respect for him. For those who speak disparagingly of him, I say that the day will come when you will see the error of your ways. I pray that pride will not stand in your way to repentance for you have dammed your own progress in rejecting some of the greater light and knowledge that you might have enjoyed.

    Time has a way of supporting truth and we will be given a more thorough appreciation of what Brother Skousen has done as the years go by and all truth is revealed.

  • Avatar for Blog Greg Says:

    Brian – Thank you for writing this article. This is a tremendous resource and one that can be linked to many times over on other’s blogs. President Monson’s comments said all that needs to be said. Thank you.

  • Avatar for Blog Ray Says:

    I did some work with Br. Skousen and asked him once about how in CES they tell you not to use his books. He shared the entire experience with me. And it was all a matter of misunderstanding that spread like wildfire around the church. When I have more time I will share the entire stroy as it was told to me by Br. Skousen.

  • Avatar for Blog Eric Says:

    “You who are young will see many things that will try your courage and test your faith. All of the mocking does not come from outside of the Church. Let me say that again: All of the mocking does not come from outside of the Church. Be careful that you do not fall into the category of mocking.”

    BOYD K. PACKER, Lehi’s Dream and You, January 16, 2007

  • Avatar for Blog Spencer W. Morgan Says:

    Unfortunately a false religion has replaced true worship in the hearts of most American members of the Church. It is the doctrine of conventionalism at all costs, and thus the true doctrines of the Church, and those who would draw all of the implications thereof have to take a back seat to it.

  • Avatar for Blog Ernie Says:

    I was previleged to attend Cleon Skousen’s seminars and meet the man in person; I say he was a Saint. There is no question in my mind that Bro Skousen and I worship the same God; the God of Abraham, Moses, and yes, the same God that Joseph Smith and all of the latter day prophets worship. It is my opinion and belief that it takes more than just membership in the Church of Jesus Christ to qualify one as a Saint. I am indeed grateful to Cleon Skousen for all of the work that he did in our behalf, God bless him.

  • Avatar for Blog Brandon Says:

    I was greatly blessed to have met with Cleon Skousen a few times and to probe the well of his vast knowledge. I continue to benefit from his books and talk tapes. He like President Ezra Taft Benson were lightning rods for opposition because of there stances and not backing down. Truth will always prevail.

  • Avatar for Blog Luke Franklin Says:

    Some wonderful comments here. As Pres. Monson said: Everyone he spoke to, everyone he taught, is closer to Christ than before they met Cleon Skousen.”. This is true. My life has been blessed and enhanced by Cleon Skousen. I love the recorded conversation that he had with friends in his home in 2005 where he covered all of the gems that he had taught over the years before: the Atonement, the Book of Mormon, Intelligences and Element, the Cleansing of the Church, Secret Combinations and the International Banking cabal etc. He was a gift to the church and the world.

  • Avatar for Blog Shane Luck Says:

    I only wanted to say that I got to know Cleon a year or two before he passed. I had read many of his books and listened to his tapes, but I was introduced to him personally by a dear friend and we went to his home to visit a few times and talk. He was such a gentle and kind person. He always had a smile. We were welcome in his home. The missionaries came by while we were there just to talk. I had a chance to ask Cleon many questions that I had always wanted to ask and he answered them for me. I feel that Cleon gave so much more than most will ever understand or know. What a wonderful man. He changed my life in so many good ways. Bless all who knew him and carry on with his life dream.

  • Avatar for Blog Michael L. McKee Says:

    I have read far too many disparaging and contextually inaccurate comments about this worthy servant of our Lord Jesus Christ who was known as W. Cleon Skousen. I am always reminded of a comment made by Elder Lee to a student who had made a remark concerning Elder J. Reuben Clark which goes something like….”Yes, I suppose it would be difficult for a pygmy to get the viewpoint of a giant. When I go to hear World Authority…I go to learn and not to criticize.” W. Cleon Skousen was a towering giant intellectually compared to those who profess to be the enlightened of the world. Fortunately for these folks his legacy will bless their lives in spite of their spiritual ignorance.

  • Avatar for Blog Jeff Says:

    “Paul, your comments were great. One cannot be a LDS member and support Obama and the current ignoramuses in the legislative branch. A latter day saint, if supportive of the policies of Obama, needs to repent and better understand the principles of the gospel.”

    A willfully ignorant, Amero-centric opinion. If that is the case, then every LDS member living and thriving under a moderately socialist government (even Canada) has cause to repent.

  • Avatar for Blog John Earl Carpenter Says:

    I write today from my apartment overlooking the Great Kremlin Palace in the Central District of Moscow, Russia. I am John Earl Carpenter.

    Dr. Willard Cleon Skousen taught me of our founding fathers. I never learned about them in highschool or university courses where I attended.

    I personally believe that George Washington was a Prophet Warrior like unto Moroni; that Captain Moroni who is told of in ancient American history as recorded by one of the “Keepers of the Record” (that book known as The Book of Mormon), named Alma.

    Washington was a prayerfilled “Patriot and believer in “The Creator” to whom he once referred as “the Divine Author of our blessed religion!” That religion is often referred to in the Founders’ writings as “The Religion of America.” Had it not been for Dr. Skousen, I and tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands and hopefully millions of others would have never realized that.

    I know that Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, a magnificient author himself, as of today, this 26th day of September, 2011, some 5 1/2 years since his death, is General and President George Washington’s true friend and a true friend of that “Divine Author” as well. He wrote of Christ. He taught of Christ. He lived as a true emmisary of Christ.

    From 1964 until his death, I knew Dr. Skousen and his works. I have been in his home. I have tasted of his particular sense of hospitality; been chauffered miles by him; been tutored by him; taught, instructed, encouraged and inspired by his purpose and his works. I have been lifted and enlightened from The Freeman Institute to the National Center of Constitutional Studies. He has counciled me in moments of greatest concern. His council was and still remains pure. Dr. Skousen has forever and always reverted to this Divine Author, that Washington refers to in his prayer. Skousen loved the men who loved and followed God.

    I came to know Dr. Skousen through those who called and call him Father and grandfather. I have seen his true character flood into his family. It is all good. I have worked side by side with several his sons and one particular son-in-law. If I were making a choice, only from what I know now, I would have loved to have called him my own Father as well. In deed, in fact I do. He treated me as if I were his own son since that day in 1964 when a business associate, Dr. Skousen’s eldest son, Rick, took me to the family home in Salt Lake City to introduce me to his Father. If by thier fruits ye shall know them, the Skousen fruit is a legacy to our nation and the entire earth.

    Dr. Skousen doesn’t need to be defended. To know him and his works is to love truth. It’s that simple.

    I find satisfacton in a saying of which I have no idea who originated. It goes like this.
    Beware the guys who criticize and mimimize the enterprize of other guys who try to rise above the guys who criticize and minimize. As for Dr. Skousen, he never tried to rise above any, but he knew plenty of those who continually did.

    Am I a disciple of W. Cleon Skousen? I am. Or at least I have hoped to be worthy of such an accusation. Likewise I am a disciple of the Father of our Country. Today, I declare myself as a disciple of Christ.

    How could I ever place Skousen on the same plane with Washington? Easily. Very easily. As George Washington, I believe, was a Prophet with “Not Yet the True Priesthood of God when he walked the earth”, Dr. W. Cleon Skousen was a man of the Priesthood who walked among Prophets and did all he did believing he was doing their bidding. As others have already said, “He never deviated from that calling.” His writings are legend. I have been increased by every book he authored. I revere him. I love him for all he “STANDS FOR!” He taught that the Constitution is for all flesh and for all mankind. Heaven help us make it available to all.

  • Avatar for Blog Bruce Darley Says:

    I feel priveliged to have met Dr. Skousen and heard him speak on several occaisions. I’ve read a number of his books and heard a number of his lectures. I have never been disapointed. To the contrary, I have always been impressed. I find it interesting that there should be criticism from a few fellow LDS “saints”. Having had some personal exposure to Dr. Skousen (he and his son in law stayed at our home while speaking at some Freeman Institute seminars on the founding fathers formula in our constitution) and reading much of his work and hearing a number of his speeches I don’t need to rely on the opinion of others to form an opinion about Dr Skousen. I know already for myself what kind of man he is. For me, these critsisms say much more about those who belittle than about thier target. If I didn’t have personal knowledge about Dr Skousen and his work then I might be influenced by these critics. I’m just thankfull to have had personal contact with him and to have personaly read much of his work so I could not be misled by the critics. Like Joseph Smith both good and bad has been spoken of him. And like Joseph Smith he made a difference in this world. I like the comments from Johnny U. above who said “If the ‘Hounds of H-ll’ are not barking at your works; you are not doing good – nor are you acting out the will of the Lord!”
    Dr Skousen will stand with a clear conscience bofore God because he has fought the good fight. He won’t be accused of standing on the sidelines. I conclude with the remarks from Thadore Roosevelt when he said… “It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”
    Brother Skousen – I wish you well as you continue your good works on the other side of the veil. I look forward to meeting you again.

  • Avatar for Blog Dale Christensen Says:

    For much of my life I thought the scriptures were boring and I labored to read them out of a sense of duty. Then I read Skousen’s Fourth Thousand Years. I became fascinated with the Old Testament. I became fascinated with ancient history. Later I became fascinated with the Book of Mormon. Skousen’s book was life changing. I am forever greatful!

  • Avatar for Blog Rick Says:

    I had the chance to meet Bro. Skousen on number of different occasions. I have read many of his books and have listened to him talk many times. He has influenced my life greatly in so many different ways. I can honestly say I have never meet a more Christ-like person. Thank you for defending his character!

  • Avatar for Blog Bill Clapp Says:

    I too had the pleasure of sitting at the feet of Brother and Dr. Skousen as he taught the miracle and spiritual roots of the Constitution of the United States of America. He was worthy of any calling in the Church but I believe his calling was exactly what he did. He pondered studied and wrote books that have had a huge impact in a lot of our lives. God blessed us with this great man and he was and is looked upon by most church leaders as a great scriptorian and constitutionalist and a faithful Latter Day Saint. A voice out of the wilderness basically repeating what Moroni commented on as he interpreted the history of the Jaredites and gave us a Prophets warning. (B of M Ether 8)
    Back in the mid 70’s President Romney, in a conference talk, reminded us that Satans counterfeit plan for the Gospel was Communism and Dr. Skousen spent his life teaching the inspired constitution to fight both communism and corrupt capitalists that would suck liberty out of our way of life.
    I am a better person for having been able to sit at his feet and learn.

  • Avatar for Blog Jim Hervey/NRx Says:

    In a letter “[t]o All Stake Presidents, Bishops, and Branch Presidents in the United States,” the First Presidency issued a statement that read:

    “It has come to our attention that in some areas announcements have been made in Church meetings of lectures to be given by those connected with the Freemen Institute. This is to inform you that no announcements should be made in Church meetings of these, or other similar, lectures or events that are not under the sponsorship of the Church.

    “This instruction is not intended to express any disapproval of the right of the Freemen Institute and its lecturers to conduct such meetings or of the contents of the lectures. The only purpose is to make certain that neither Church facilities nor Church meetings are used to advertise such events and to avoid any implication that the Church endorses what is said during such lectures.”

    (letter from the Office of the First Presidency, Spencer W. Kimball, N. Eldon Tanner, Marion G. Romney, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah, 15 February 1979)

  • Avatar for Blog Gil Mangels Says:

    Unfortunately some members did not read the whole letter that Jim Hervey inserted ahead of my comment here. I arranged for many seminars in N.W. Montana as well as attending seminars at the NCCS in Provo. One cannot read the Book of Mormon without gaining a testimony of America and the truths that Cleon taught. His work inspired me to found the MIRACLE OF AMERICA MUSEUM, in Polson, Montana. You may Google us and search for our newsletters to learn more. Many of our displays use artifacts symbolically to trace Americas progress from the walking plow to walking on the moon. Cleon personally went through a couple of years before he passed away and gave a lecture in our public meeting room. He was overjoyed to see that his teachings bore fruit in the formation of displays throughout the museum. 2 other valued friends and patriots, Bert Smith and Steve Pratt, have also been our honored guests before their passing. They were both students, supporters, and promoters of Cleon. I am so thankful I had the chance to be taught by all of them.

  • Avatar for Blog Bob A Says:

    I have copies of The Naked Communist, the First Two Thousand Years and The Fouth Thiusand Years, and just Reading Prophecy and Modern Times. I was totally taught by this man when I picked up my Dad’s copy of The First Two Thousand Years, and had so much to talk to Dad about (at 12 years old) My Dad was chastised once for referencing Skousen. And I didn’t know what to think. But over the years, until his death, my dad was an upstanding defender of the gospel according to our teaching in the LDS church, and for him to be accused of being like W, Cleon Skousen makes me pretty proud of the old man, even though I already was. I’m looking forward to The Five Thousand Year Leap. Don’t know why I am so far behind, and cartching up, but the first experience of the First Two Thousand Years completely changed my direction in my enjoyment and lifelong interest in what I call Religious History if the World. Hope to meet him on the other side. I love his passion, and wish I had even a mite of his energy and passion for the word of God.

  • Avatar for Blog Mike Says:

    @Ray – I would love to hear your full account as related to you by Cleon Skousen. You said, “When I have more time I will share the entire stroy as it was told to me by Br. Skousen”

    But that was back in 2009. Crazy! I can’t believe that here we are almost 13 years later.

    Please come back and share!

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