Joel Skousen 2023 Year End Analysis

Joel Skousen spoke to the Highland Group in Lindon, Utah on December 1, 2023. A special World Affairs Brief.

MP3 audio recording (right-click the link and choose “save link as” to download it to your computer): coming soon

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Topics included:
– War in Israel
– Russia War in Ukraine
– Will a conservative President win another election in the U.S.?
– Henry Kissinger, one of the worst statesmen of our time
– Inflation in the U.S.
– China
– Secret Combinations (the Globalists, deep state, etc.)
– Be Prepared
– Strategic Relocation–North American Guide to Safe Places
– Learn how to listen to conscience to follow the Spirit of God.

Check out Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief >>

Thank you to the Highland Meeting organizers:
Kristen Chevrier, Co-Founder and Director, Your Health Freedom.
Lowell Nelson, KTalk Media AM 1640 Tuesday 9:00 am Talk Show Host.