Joel Skousen 2022 Year End Analysis

Joel Skousen spoke at the Highland Group meeting on December 2, 2022, giving his analysis of 2022 and future national & world events.

MP3 audio recording (right-click the link and choose “save link as” to download it to your computer):

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Joel Skousen 2022 Year End Analysis
Topics covered include: Election fraud, Trump vs. DeSantis, why religious support for the “Respect for Marriage act” is a trap, the illusion of religious liberty, Russia/Ukraine, the Polarization of the world into two camps: the West vs the ever expanding BRICS under China, timetable and triggers for WWIII, and why the world may not ever recover from it, woke corruption in the military, how to avoid getting depressed as you prepare for the worst. And more.

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Thank you to the Highland Meeting organizers:
Kristen Chevrier, Co-Founder and Director, Your Health Freedom.
Lowell Nelson, KTalk Media AM 1640 Tuesday 9:00 am Talk Show Host.